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Useful Tips for Your Myanmar Tour


Myanmar is a beautiful country located in Asia. It one of the top popular destinations and receives so many visitors each year. As it keeps opening up to the world, more and more people are finding in its appeal and traveling to enjoy what it has to offer.


Before you go to Myanmar, you have to carefully plan your journey so that you can enjoy it to the maximum.  You have to first acquire a visa through the Ministry of Immigration and Population to enter the country. There are different entry points depending on the type of visa you have, so check with the immigration ministry for specific details for your visit.


The country is generally safe, but you should take extra precautions on an individual level like locking up your valuables in a hotel safe.  Not all areas are open to foreigners yet due to conflicts. Check with your government on which areas they feel are not safest to go to prior to your visit.  Book to myanmar holidays here!


Due to the massive increase in the number of people that Myanmar is receiving, there is a shortage of hotel rooms from time to time especially in the major destinations like Yangon and Bagan. Make sure you book your rooms well in advance to avoid struggling when you get there.


The prices for things has risen due to the popularity of the destination sites, nothing is cheap anymore. Make sure you carry enough money to last you through your trip to avoid being stranded. There are now ATMs that have increased the convenience for travelers; you do not have to carry a big bundle of cash anymore. Also, the Myanmar government is encouraging travelers to use the local currency, kyat. If you have to carry dollars with you, make sure they are in small denominations and their print date should be no earlier than 2006. You can also use credit cards in high-end hotels.


When you get to Myanmar, it is possible and cheap to buy a SIM card in Yangon and Mandalay to stay connected to your friends and family back at home. You can use it make calls both locally and abroad and use the Internet as well. The Internet coverage is being expanded to cover the remote areas as well, but you should be open to a few challenges here and there to avoid feeling frustrated.


The means of transport in Myanmar is diverse, and you can get around via flights, buses, trains, and boats. There are no international car rental services yet, but the travel agents and hotels can arrange for drivers and cars for you.


The people of Myanmar are very polite and some still conservative. The greater population does not expose much of their bodies, so you can follow suit to feel comfortable. Make sure you smile and learn a few Burmese words to use as you interact with them. Avoid introducing conversations on politics as much as you can. Never point at anything with your foot and always give and receive things with your right hand while you loosely support it with the left hand. Go yangon tours today!